Angelo Cricchi

Angelo Cricchi was born in Rome, Italy. After a long career as a professional athlete, his passion is directed towards photography. As a fashion photographer
he has collaborated with prestigious international magazines, creating editorials and portraits of celebrities. In 1997 Angelo Cricchi founded his own production company, Lostandfound for which he created advertising campaigns for clients such as Kenzo, Miss Sixty and Gucci
Since 2001, Cricchi has been working on short films, art videos and fashion films. His personal research developed in parallel with commercial work throughout his career. After the Gloomy Sunday performance at the MAK Festival in Vienna in 2009, he reduced his commitment to fashion photography to focus his attention and talent on fine art photography.
His works have been exhibited in museums and private institutions in Italy, the Netherlands, France and Austria. He lives and works in Rome.
Angelo Cricchi is Creative Director of FLEWID Magazine